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Advanced Camera Technologies



Company Description

Libra Stabilised Remote Head: Libra 3-Axis stabilised remote head.

Suitable for use on helicopters, Wirerigs, tracking vehicles, boats, and many other dynamic installations. The Libra is supplied with a certified helicopter bracket and lens control system. It accommodates most types of camera, ARRI ALEXA, ARRI 235, ARRI 435, SONY F35, Sony F55, Sony F65, GENISIS, RED Epic, RED ONE Suitable for installation in Aerospatiale/Eurocopter (Squirrel) AS350, and AS355 Series Helicopters. Certified to

NZ Civil Aviation Authority standards.

Based in Queenstown.


Mad Max Fury Road - 2015 - FF
Verizon - 2013 - TVC
World War Z - 2013 - FF