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39D Wright Road Pt Chevalier Auckland 1022


NZCameraHire is a New Zealand owned specialist in professional and broadcast video cameras and production equipment located in central Auckland. We have the latest Sony Super 35mm sensor cameras like the new FS7, F55 / F5, F3, FS700 / 100, A7S and Canon C300 Mk1 and Mk2, Zeiss Ultra Prime, Super Speed Mk3 and High Speed prime lenses, Zeiss ARRI, Duclos, Fujinon Cabrio and Angenieux zooms, HD and 4K monitors, lights, AutoCue’s and all the production equipment needed for a successful shoot. Our cameras range from SD to full 4K HD and include codecs like RAW, XDCAM EX and disk, AVCHD, HDV, DV and DVCam.

We can also provide you with highly skilled lighting cameramen and sound crew. We work to your budget and make your TVC, documentary, corporate or TV programme the product you envisage.