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ActionHorse NZ



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We can supply experienced film horses for your next project.

Our horsemaster Rory McTavish has trained stunt horses for Film TV and advertising to the highest possible standard and performed the action himself in front of camera.

Having started in excess of 500 horses under saddle and retrained hundreds of problem horses Rory has a deep understanding of the horses mind and how to prepare them for any challenge.

As a member of the Stunt Guild of New Zealand Rory has worked with some of the worlds most experienced performers, coordinators and directors.


Mortal Engines - 2018 - FF
Be Faithful - 2017 - SF
Shannara Chronicles Season 2 - 2017 - TVP
Ash Vs Evil Dead Season 3 - 2017 - TVP


Nominated - outstanding performance for stunt ensemble - Battle of Five Armies