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Green Room Rentals


112 Henderson Valley Road Henderson Auckland

Company Description

Green Room Rentals offer top quality cast and crew vehicles designed and built exclusively for the NZ film industry. We are based in West Auckland, where the action happens and are proud to be locally owned & operated.

We have a variety of multipurpose support vehicles, suitable for use as greenrooms, offices, luxury trailers and Motorhomes for the stars.

Our star trailers/caravans are like a luxury apartment with their high quality fit out, a kitchen with a large fridge, full size bathroom, queen bed and spacious lounge - the perfect surroundings for your star to chill out in between scenes.

Our experience in the rental motorhome business and RV manufacturing industry means we can make fit-for-purpose vehicles built to a high standard. All of our fleet is impeccably maintained; much of it was new in 2016.

We offer standardized rates for the film industry, regardless of the season. We also offer 24/7 service and nationwide delivery/set up, to save you time and money.


Shannara Chronicles - 2017 - TVP - MTV - Brad Turner
Legend of Monkey - 2017 - TVP - Monkey NZ Ltd - Dominic Crisci
Meg - 2016 - FF - Manu One - Jon Turteltaub
Rhythm and Vines - 2016 - LE - Rhythm and Vines NZ - Toby Burrows