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Norty Rentals


28 Margaret Place Frankton Queenstown 9300

Company Description

We seek to cater for all location and makeup/wardrobe requirements on big or small TVC's, movies or stills jobs.
We run a fleet of three unit trucks including a transit van for location work.
We have a large bus fitted for wardrobe/makeup, and a smaller makeup/wardrobe trailer called MadeupQT. the latter, with self contained facilities and kitchen we have found particularly useful on stills jobs.
Based in Queenstown, the centre of the South Island film industry our trucks are supplied with generators and stocked with unit gear such as tables, chairs, ezi ups, coffee/tea kits and heaters, which can also be hired separately.

Contact us for rates.


Walking With Dinosaurs - TVP
Bear Grylls Wanaka - TVP