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600 Great South Road Ellerslie Auckland 1051

Company Description

Showtravel is a registered New Zealand company. Showtravel is your trusted partner in production travel and logistics moving cast and crew for over 30 years.

As a division of Show Group Enterprises, supported by Hello World’s buying power and international contacts, Showtravel provides low cost and simple solutions to film and TV sets anywhere.

Showtravel is the film and television logistics division that provides international and domestic air travel, accommodation (including short and long term serviced apartments, hotels, & motels), transfers and VIP travel services.

Showtravel are your travel management specalists in China. Show Group Enterprises partnership with Freedom Road Travel ensures that Showtravel have the ability to reliably service productions travelling between China, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

Our Auckland office is managed by our New Zealand staff specialising in film and television production travel.
• Dedicated film industry travel consultants who understand productions’ needs
• No booking fee for the majority of domestic hotel bookings and car rentals
• Travel technology that saves time and money
• Free 24/7 after hours emergency travel service
• Discounts on international airfares, hotel rates and hire cars
• Pre-checked supplier invoicing saves productions time and money in reconciling invoices

Travel loyalty credits:
We offer travel loyalty credits with Showtravel. Conditions apply and productions are rewarded based on their logistics volume.

For more information about Showtravel’s logistic management services please visit


Alien: Covenant (New Zealand & Australia) - 2016 - FF
Top of the Lake S2 (New Zealand & Australia) - 2016 - TVP
Creature Report - 2016 - FF
The Leftovers Series 3 - 2016 - TVP
Titan - 2015/16 - FF
The Shallows - 2015/16 - A
Hacksaw Ridge - 2015 - FF
Hunters - 2015 - TVP
Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (Transport) - 2014/15 - FF
San Andreas - 2014 - FF
Unbroken - 2013/14 - FF
Mad Max: Fury Road - 2012/13 - FF
Nim’s Island - 2008 - FF
Fool’s Gold - 2007 - FF
Superman Returns - 2006 - FF
Aquamarine - 2005 - FF
Ghost Ship - 2002 - FF
Scooby Doo - 2001 - FF