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Owner / Operators - Phil Burton, Ian Leslie
Together Phil and Ian have experience from working at The NZ National Film Unit, Televison New Zealand, and independent companies Gibson Group Ltd and Cloud Nine Screen Entertainment in New Zealand and Videosonics and Gemini Audio in the United Kingdom. With these companies they have been responsible for creating soundtracks for comedy, drama, documentary productions and also producing promos, trailers and commercials.
Undergroundsound's facilities include two 5.1 surround sound Protools HDX equipped mixing suites and a third stereo suite for sound editing.
We operate a foley recording studio and also record ADR for local and international productions by utilising SourceConnect to link with studios around the world.
We make use of our extensive sound library and also utilise portable equipment to source custom sounds when required.
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Images & Media


Abandoned - 2015 - TVF - Making Movies - John Laing
Belief: The Possession of Janet Moses - 2015 - D/FF - KHF Media - David Stubbs
Nancy Wake - The White Mouse - 2014 - TVF - The Gibson Group - Mike Smith
Realiti - 2014 - FF - Jonathon King
Country Calendar - 2013 - present - TVP - TVNZ - Julian O'Brien
Love Story - 2011 - FF - Florian Habicht
Last Dogs of Winter - 2011 - D/FF - Lone Pine Productions - Costa Botes
Girl vs Boy - TVP - KHF Media - D Stubbs, T Robins


Achievement in Sound Design in General Television 2008
Best Sound Design in General Television 2009
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