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Company Description

ACTIONHOUSE specialises in creating high-powered Stunts for the Film and Television industry, we offer the best Stunt Coordinators, Stunt Performers, and Rigging Specialists, and will designing one of a kind action sequences which are safe and amazing on screen.

We are focused on creating the most dynamic action scenes through experience and knowledge, and using the latest specialised stunt equipment, will design and execute the most effective Stunt Action for your production.

Each member of the ACTIONHOUSE team are professional stunt performers, with years of on set experience, our standards are extremely high, which makes us the best in the business.


Mahana - 2015 - FF - Lee Tamahori
6 Days - 2015 - FF - Toa Fraser
The Light Between Oceans - 2015 - FF - Derek Cianfrance
The Gunman - 2014/15 - FF - Silver Pictures - Pierre Morrel
Deathgasm - 2014/15 - A - Jason Lee Howden
Beyond the Edge 3D - 2014 - FF - GFC - Leanne Pooley