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9 Scanlan Street Grey Lynn Auckland 1012

Staff Members

Company Description

Imagezone is an advanced technical service company that offers complete full technical services to the television and film industry including high-end camera, video and data equipment rental.
We are the largest and most experienced data management company in Australasia, with branches in Auckland, Queenstown and Sydney. By choosing us you will be guaranteed not only the best equipment and solutions this country has to offer but also the best operators.
Now with more than 30 completed Feature films and TV dramas plus countless TVC’s, Imagezone has transitioned successfully into an advanced high-end cinema camera supplier as a complementary service to our existing client base, picking up numerous domestic productions, including the remake of “Evil Dead”, “Power Rangers” and the current box office successes “The Dark Horse” and “The Dead Lands”.

Product List

ARRI Mini, ARRI Alexa XT, ARRI Alexa XR, ARRI Amira

ARRI Master Anamorphic Set, ARRI Master Prime Set, Cooke S4/i Set (extensive range of lengths), Lecia Summicron-C Set, Super speed Set, Standard Set, Movie camera Support

Angeniuex HR25-250mm, Arri Alura 15.5-45mm, Arri Alura 18-80mm, Arri Alura 30-80mm, Arri Alura 45-250mm, IBE PLX2 Extender, GL Optics 100mm, Canon 300, Duclos 11-16mm

We have various Camera accessories in stock, please refer to our website for further information.

Recorders include:
PIX240, PIX240i and PIX e7
Shogun Recorder
Samurai and Samurai Blade
Panasonic AVC/HD
Panasonic P2
Wireless Senders:
HD Rover
Teradek Bolts - 300, 600, 1000, 2000

We have an extensive range of monitors:
From Sony, FSI, Boland, Astro, Panasonic, Small HD, TV Logic to HP
Ranging from 5” through to 42” HD, OLED, High-Bright, DreamColour

The DIT’ s role on-set has become especially well-known for assisting DoP’ s in achieving their desired look digitally. Our DIT operators work closely with the DoP to determine work-flow, systematization, camera settings, signal integrity and image manipulation to achieve the highest image quality and creative goals for the production.

Video Assist is the name for a complex system, consisting of monitors, recorders, video transmitters, matrices and hundreds of meters of cables. The video assist operator(s) are in charge of moving, operating, and troubleshooting the whole system whether it is in a studio, on a beach or up a mountain. Taking a digital video feed from the camera(s), the picture is captured (via cable or video transmitter) into our specially customized video cart, where it is then fed out to the variety of monitors for directors, agency and crew. The operator can playback a take from the last shot taken through to a shot 3 days or 3 months prior, as well as apply mix and overlay.
We know that every production is unique and we work closely with the camera and production team to ensure the workflows, solutions and video carts are customized for each job.


Spartacus - (All seasons) - TVP
When we go to War - 2014 - FF
Coverband - 2014 - TVP
Hidden Dragon - 2014 - FF
Tatau - 2014 - TVF
Erebus - 2014 - D
Crouching Tiger - 2014 - FF
Venus & Mars - 2014 - FF
The Dead Lands - 2014 - FF
Louise Nicholas Story - 2014 - TVF
Everything We Love - 2013 - FF
The Forgotten General - 2013 - D/FF
Three Mile Limit - 2013 - FF
The Forgotten General - 2013 - A
Three Mile Limit - 2013 - D/FF
The Dark Horse - 2013 - FF
Safe House - 2012 - TVF
Medicine Woman - 2012 - FF
The Emperor - 2012 - FF
Evil Dead - 2012 - FF
Evil Dead - 2012 - FF
Top of the Lake - 2012 - TVP
SafeHouse - 2012 - A
Power Rangers - 2011 - 2014 - TVP
Mister Pip - 2011 - FF
Bliss - 2011 - D/FF
Billy T - 2011 - D/FF
Underbelly - 2011 - TVP
My Wedding and Other Secrets - 2011 - FF
Love Birds - 2011 - FF
ICE - 2010 - A
Yogi Bear 3D - 2010 - FF
Avalon High - 2010 - TVF
The Cult - 2009 - TVP
Under The Mountain - 2009 - FF
Wizards First Rule - 2008 - 2009 - TVP
Underworld: Rise of the Lycans - 2008 - FF
The Laundry Warrior - 2008 - FF
30 Days of Night - 2007 - FF
Return to Narnia - 2007 - FF
10,000BC - 2006 - FF
Bridge to Terabithia - 2006 - FF
The Worlds Fastest Indian - 2004 - FF
Without a Paddle - 2003 - FF
Plus over 500 TVC's - 1998 - 13 - TVC