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Tony Monk Films Ltd


30 Jubilee Ave Devonport Auckland 0624

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Skype: tonymonk2007

Company Description

Tony Monk Films (TMF) are leaders in gyrostabilized aerial filming undertake assignments around the globe. With systems based in New Zealand and Australia we offer a range of mounts, cameras, operators and technical support to film and broadcast clients. Our equipment includes the latest GSS gyro stabilised camera systems with interchangeable camera / lens combinations including the Red Dragon 6K, Alexa and F55 cameras as well as Cineflex systems.


Ghayal Once Again (Bollywood) - 2016 - FF
Hunt for the Wilderpeople - 2016 - FF
The Hunt – BBC - 2016 - TVP
Filthy Rich - 2016 - TVP
Coast New Zealand - 2015 - TVP
David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef - 2015 - TVP
David Attenborough - Great Barrier Reef - 2014 - D
Great Barrier Reef - BBC - 2012 - D
The Chronicles of Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader - 2010 - FF